‘The First Gifts’ are honoured by Virgin Media.

We are thrilled to have been chosen by Virgin media to be a star of their charity raffle in aid of SCOPE a charity which helps disabled people in the U.K. We were glad to have been able to help in some small way towards this great cause. ¬†You can read... Read More

Magical Myrrh

An interesting article about the healing properties of Myrrh. A message for man-kind is contained in these blessed gifts, I’m sure of it!

The three wise men who came bearing gifts

The three wise men, also known as magi, were men belonging to various educated classes. Our English word magician comes from this same root. But these wise men were not magicians in the modern sense of sleight-of-hand performers. They were of noble birth,... Read More

The Big Bazaar Kuwait.

‘The First Gifts’ will be at the Big Bazaar at Salwa Al-Sabah hall Kuwait on Friday November 27th at 10 am. This is always a fun day for us and we always look forward to seeing everyone to wish them a Happy Christmas and season’s greetings... Read More

Sadu House

We spent an enjoyable day meeting customers old and new at the Sadu House bazaar in Kuwait on Saturday. Lots of lucky people will be finding the precious gifts of Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh under their trees very soon!


‘The First Gifts’ will be at the KTAA bazaar at Sadu house on November 21 st. Looking forward to seeing customers old and new at this wonderful bazaar. Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh ~ The first gifts of Christmas.

Introducing our new Gold element

Introducing our new Gold element. A pretty glass vial of real gold leaf, decorated with a gold plated star to represent the star which the three kings followed to Bethlehem.

An article about ‘The First Gifts’

An article about ‘The First Gifts’ published in Livinq8 http://www.livinq8.com/featuredlistdetails.php?featured_post_id=82

I believe a cure is close!

I believe that the three wise men knew about the healing properties of frankincense and that is why it was offered to the new baby Jesus. If only we had listened sooner: http://healthycures.org/frankincense-superior-chemotherapy-killing-late-stage-ovarian-cancer-cells/


I have just read an article which proclaims that they are working on isolating the actual component of natural frankincense which might cure cancer so that the big pharmaceutical companies can produce a synthetic version of it to sell as they can’t... Read More

Bazaars 2015

‘The First Gifts’ will be at the following Christmas bazaars in Kuwait this year: November 14th ~ Bright Minds, Sabah Salem 1- 4 pm November 21st ~ KTAA at Sadu House 10 am – 4 pm November 27th ~ The BIG bazaar! at Salwa Al- Sabah hall,... Read More